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Powerful AP audits for the Public sector

With our suite of analytical audits, we empower you with data-driven insights to fortify your decision-making.



Industry-leading NPS score

Tailor-made AP Audits

By combining advanced technology with our deep understanding of your sector, our audits work perfectly within your process.


Successful recovery audits




Healthcare institutions & hospitals

“SpendLab has extensive knowledge of the VAT processes within municipalities”

European municipality with population of 32k

Risk-free auditing

With our ‘no cure, no pay’ approach, you gain the insights you need to know, without up front costs that can be hard to justify.

Minimal time investment

At just 1 hour/week, you have more time to focus on more urgent priorities.

Advanced risk detection

Ensure your undue payments don't go undetected with our industry-leading technology.

Intuitive dashboard

With a platform of tailored insights and recommendations, our data gives you the clarity and assurance you need to make confident financial decisions.

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