VAT Analyzer

Dive deeper into complex VAT calculations.


The opportunity

Constant VAT Rule changes mean businesses suffer from a myriad of different issues, from differing exchange rates to hidden flaws in ERP systems, which can cause costly overpayments. Our specialist team is here to help.


Annual spend


Invoices analyzed



Global technology company with €20B+ in annual revenue

Know where you stand

We leave no stone unturned in ensuring that your financial records comply with all VAT obligations, so you have total clarity.

Identify miscalculated VAT

With our AI-enhanced audits & professional expertise, we quickly diagnose discrepancies, and handle all recovery on your behalf.

Prevent future business risk

We outline specific recommendations to equip you with the insight you need to avoid any further issues going forward.

“Wasn’t aware a solution like this existed”

Automotive company with ~€1B revenue in 2022

Eindhoven & Amsterdam
The Netherlands