Balance Analyzer

Don’t leave your profits in the balance.


The opportunity

In our experience, balance reconciliation is a business that’s often neglected, as it’s hugely time-consuming and labor-intensive. However, leaving your balance credits open or unknown can be more costly than you think. Using our technology, we’ve worked with over 250k suppliers on our client’s behalf to bring both sides back to clarity.

€5 Billion

Annual spend


Invoices analyzed



Global consumer company with €10B+ in annual revenue

Exposes the root causes

We reach out to all vendors and review all open credits and outstanding balances. From there, we can build a clear picture of the underlying issues facing your business.

Leave nothing in the balance

Once we’ve identified the open credits, we recover your missed profits and correct any discrepancies between outstanding and unknown balances.

Prevention is better than the cure

After reviewing each missed credit, we create your own personalized dashboard detailing full insight into all items, as well as recommendations to prevent future risk.

“Found items that my internal audit, existing tooling and automation software all failed to find”

Fortune 200 industrial company with €20B+ in revenue

Eindhoven & Amsterdam
The Netherlands