AP Analyzer

Recover the profits that are rightfully yours.


The opportunity

Businesses lose billions every year to hidden erroneous payments and fraud. We are here to recover these losses.

€3 Billion

Annual spend


Invoices analyzed



Top 50 global finance institution with €600B+ assets

Recover hidden profits

Undue payments elude even the most skillful auditors and accountants. Our team and technology know exactly where to look. It’s why we consistently recover up to 200% more than our competitors.

Detect risks & root causes

It’s not enough to reclaim undue payments if it keeps happening. Our AI-enabled system analyzes the root cause of each erroneous payment & billing to give you total clarity on where the issues lie.

Arm yourself with insights

We help you eliminate risk from your AP process with a full dashboard of insights & recommendations delivered to you through our bespoke platform.

Keep your data safe & secure

As a commitment to data security, we are ISO-Certified in Information Security, restrict data access to key individuals and delete all data post-project.

“Provided us with great insights into our AP and recovered a huge amount of missed profits”

Consumer retail chain with 200 European stores

Eindhoven & Amsterdam
The Netherlands