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We use leading-edge innovative algorithms fueled by data sciences technology and compliance to identify irregularities (“findings”) and provide Business Intelligence Reports supported by expert professionals to focus on delivering more Customer Success.

Our innovative solutions, services and experts help businesses embrace technology to increase the accuracy, auditability, control and efficiency of their accounting, audit, assurance and compliance processes. 

What we offer

No cure No pay offering and/or Fixed Fee offering

Even if you have done a Recovery Audit elsewhere, let us re-analyze the data

 >100 colleagues with deep professional and sector knowhow will serve you

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About us

SpendLab Recovery is the successor of the RIB (Dutch National Procurement Agency or in Dutch Het Rijks Inkoop Bureau), founded in 1921. Its original goal was to combine procurement needs from all Dutch government institutions. In 1989, it started its shift towards a professional services organization. In 2002, NIC was privatized and the focus became compliance with Dutch and EU regulations. From 2015 onwards, NIC Finance Projecten made full use of emerging data analytics technologies, followed by the acquisition of Double Paid in 2017. Driven by its international success, the former RIB will now continue as SpendLab.

Higher Purpose

Spend Justification to recover past and prevent future mistakes and fraud


Fully compliant, ethical, persistent, team players


Game Changer in Accounts Payable Audits by continuous innovation


Innovation in Data Sciences and Excellence in Findings


Customer Success in Recovery, Prevention and Compliance


Leading in NL, expanding through international clients

Our Clients

Some of our clients in the public sector

Some of our clients in the private sector

Spendlab Recovery has worked together with different partners and educational institutions like TU Eindhoven en Jheronimus Academy of Data Science. 
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